The Performance Bar, Rotterdam (NL)
Sound Niclas Ekwal
Track Neon Lies - Learn (N/OBE remix)
Photo Isa Matilde Bonino

7 feminist sins is an interactive performance expressing the dispute between the liberated female archetype and the impact of social stereotypes of a docile female body. Inspired by the social norms and the struggles of a female body in a patriarchal environment the work represents a metaphoric process of social transformation and abuse of a sexually liberated body (body of a “slut”). Using the pressure, pulling, and limitation of sight the author's body gets submissive and exposed almost to the point of a fetish object consumed by the perpetrators of harmful stereotypes (referring to the often suppressed sexual desire resulting in toxic sexual behaviour).

Wishing to express the power of stereotypes, the author uses the reference of one of the highest patriarchal communities (Christianity) in a form of given rules (7 deadly sins), highlighting the similarities between the two. Each “sin” is connected to the part of the body directly referring to the social anatomy of the docile female body.

1. Accept (head)
2. Nurture (chests)
3. Settle (stomach)
4. Click (hand)
5. Push (lower-abdomen)
6. Cross (leg)
7. Please (foot)

By the end of the performance, the performer is left slightly anxious, overwhelmed and stressed indicating the potential physical and mental consequences of a liberated body in a non-encouraging environment.

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