Photo Nika Mokoš 
WINNER of Zagreb design week 2021

Body hub is a system which provides tools and space for activation of a holistic workspace for a healthier everyday world. Inspired by the contemporary body-technology relationship within typical workspaces, the project is providing ethically embodied methodologies for future socio-technological developments. Body hub is a co-sharing hub staging alternative rituals to substitute harmful side effects that ‘9 to 5’ working routines have on physical well-being. The project combines the experimental qualities of performing arts, somatic practises and digital rituals in a coherent program to establish new relationships with our digital environment and the surfaces into which we perform our labour.

The hub is a speculative material space, where workers can train and learn how to use movements to activate and code commonly used digital programs, such as Adobe photoshop, Excel or Outlook. The hub is divided into three spaces. The first space, Beginner’s corner, offers a training space to help users memorise the set of movements to direct their digital programs. The second space, Sequence Lessons, is inspired by how actions performed in digital programs easily become unconscious muscle reactions, and aims to code consecutive sequences of movements in the same way, producing movement sequences. The format of the lessons is structured like Youtube tutorials' and the cognitive languages they use. Once the users have mastered the Beginner’s corner and the Sequence Lessons, they can access the third area, the Co-working space, and contribute to the group working choreography.