Ines Borovac

Naked society
speculative scenario

Analysing beach space as a case study, the present project highlights the social benefits of naked bodies.
Followed by the stigmergic act of undressing at a beach, the absence of urban clothes highlights the values of fragility, vulnerability and sincerity.

Naked society is a project which tries to underline mentioned values and allow different ways of bodily behaviours within a non-sexual scenario. Therefore the project is placed in the urban context where the contrast of social hierarchy and uniforms is often emphasised.

De-contextualizing the act of undressing through the playful way breaks the discomfort of such a private act making it a group experience. Approaching such delicate social phenomena in banal and fun performative act questions the social norms related to body image and behaviour.

︎︎︎Project was developed in collaboration with Abdoeline Soleman and Perrine Dedonato. 

Eindhoven, Netherlands