Project was made in collaboration with Ginevra Petrozzi and Rebecca Schedler

Phytoplankton is a natural infographic tool. Either communicating defensiveness, raise of temperatures or simply showing the state of key environments. Before the invention of science these sygnals have been adressed as mythical wonders reaching generations in a form of oral naration. In our modern communication-based society, information is spread a million times faster, becoming the main source of knowledge.

Therefore fake news will narrate, as a modern tale-teller, Phytoplankton’s story. A clickbait that keeps in account just the message that needs to reach more mouths as possible, giving back visibility and voice to Phytoplankton’s multifaceted, essential role. Its essence, as being the mediator between Ocean and humans, communicating the state and changes of water, needs to be acknowledged and emphasized. Can our over-informative ultra-fast mythology have a positive impact in bringing attention to something that is invisible?