Project was made in collaboration with Ned Kaar
Performers Alesya Dobysh, Liam McCall, Simon Bus 
Choreography Simon Bus
Production Corpo Maquina
Music Boris De Klerk
Light Design Erik van de Wijdeven

Set design for Three Studies (for a self-portrait) by Simon bus

This full-length dance performance consists of three solos that reveal themselves in a mosaic narration by dancers Liam McCall, Alesya Dobysh and Bus himself. Drawing inspiration for his work from painters Simon based “Three studies” on a visual reference of Francis Bacon - Three Studies of Lucian Freud. Three structures built for the performance are taking the role of imaginary space for dancers authentic movements influencing the change of body and movement behaviour within the structures. Set design is creating the invisible border which distinguishes the movements of in-between space and inside of the structures space by navigating the movement within the stage.